1. Female NFL Kicker? – We’ve seen a fair share of woman kickers in small Division two or three schools throughout the nation, but Lauren Silberman is set to make history when she tries out for the NFL draft. Silberman is a former Wisconsin Badger soccer player, and she’s putting her kicking skills to the test. Silberman will participate in a regional tryout in early March, and we here at sportsinvasion.net wish her all the best! You can catch a short interview, along with some footage of her kicking, below.



2. Otter Slam Dunk– This is a story that will warm your heart. There are fewer things cuter then animals playing sports. But this one will go right to the top. Meet Eddie, a sea otter from the Oregon Zoo. Eddie has arthritis, and in order for him to get workouts and keep his bones fresh, the staff has taught him how to dunk a basketball. Enjoy the amazing footage below.


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