1. Linsanity Strikes Again– Last year, Jeremy Lin burst onto the scene with his hot streak in a New York Knicks uniform. After cooling down, then suffering a season ending injury, Lin jumped ship to Houston.  Lin has been playing average in Houston, but occasionally  he makes plays like this that remind you how great he can be. Check out the amazing effort on both sides of the ball.


2. Hockey Mascot Breaks Loose– You always run an inherent risk when you choose to have a live animal as your mascot.  These animals have a mind of their own, and sometimes, things might not go according to plan. In a recent game in the ECHL between the Bakersfield Condors and the Las Vegas Wranglers, Bakersfield brought out their mascot for the national anthem.  However, the Condor got bored during the song, and made a clumsy getaway. Enjoy.


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