1. Kid Storms Court– Sports games are often interrupted by fans in the crowd wanting to get some attention. Most of the time it’s in foreign soccer matches, but occasionally, you’ll find some American sports getting disrupted. Well this one wins the award for cutest delay of game. In a recent game between the Baylor and Oklahoma Men’s basketball squads, a young fan stormed the court, trying to get in on the play. Enjoy the adorable footage.

2. Deflection Basket– The other basketball clip today is on the weirder side. Over the years, we’ve seen our fare share of jaw dropping baskets. Whether it be a frantic in bounds save that finds it’s way to the basket, or a desperation three point hook shot, I’ve seen most of it all. However, in a game between Long Island Brooklyn University and St. Francis (PA), we saw an interesting two team collaboration that I have never seen before. Check out physics at work below.


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