1. 50 Cent Erin Andrews– What’s more hilarious? The fact that Erin Andrews dissed 50 Cent by dodging his kiss at the Daytona 500, or the fact that 50 Cent was at a NASCAR race? Yes, over the weekend, 50 Cent was at the greatest race of them all, and when he spotted the lovely Erin Andrews doing a report, he went over to say hello to her. While she acknowledged him, she was clearly in a hurry to get out of there, despite 50’s best efforts to keep her around. Check out the funny footage below.


2. Amazing Ping Pong Shot– It’s not too often that a sport like ping pong makes the highlight reels, even though it’s an awesome game, but this one had to be posted. At the Kuwait Open earlier this week, Quentin Robinot pulled off quite an impressive shot at the end of a nice rally. Robinot was not expecting his opponent to hit to his backhand, but no matter, Robinot’s got it covered. Love how he just walks it off after like “yup that just happened!” Enjoy the amazing clip.


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