Many football fans can finally take a recovery period after the intense season, but if you’re like many fantasy football leaguers out there, you might be a little disappointed that the days of pulling out your hair, passionately ranting, and pointlessly shouting at the TV during a game have come to an end. However, now that the season is over, it might be the best time to step back and look at the possibility that you’ve taken your fantasy football life to the extreme.

You Make Your Wife and Kids Leave the House on Game Days

Okay, maybe you don’t literally make your family leave the house, but the fact that you’re unpleasant to be around and yell anytime someone walks in front of the game tends to do the job for you. Hearing you and the rest of the league argue about a call the referee just made gets her out of the house almost as fast as a fire would.

You’ve Turned Your Basement into a Locker Room Replica

To be a truly dedicated member of any league you have to create the most authentic environment, and nothing sets a better ambiance for watching a football game than a mock locker room. If you and your league-mates have decked out the basement with gym lockers, sit on benches instead of recliners, and give yourselves pep talks before the game then you may have taken the whole charade to an impressive extreme.

You’ve Been Caught Checking Your Score Updates at Work

If the thought of not being able to check your score makes you tremble with withdrawals after only a few hours at the office, or if you quickly have to minimize your fantasy football account every time your boss walks by you, it might mean that you’re putting too much focus on your league. Remember, it’s called fantasy football for a reason, and if it’s getting you into trouble with your real life responsibilities, it could indicate that you’re bordering on obsession.

Your League is Causing a Downgrade in Your Health


It may be healthy to take a break from your fantasy football life if you genuinely have trouble sleeping the night before a game because the fear of your opponent scoring big points keeps you up tossing and turning. If, at any time, you have to remind yourself to breathe, or if you feel as though you might have increased blood pressure or a greater risk of having a heart attack after starting your league, it may be wise to give yourself some distance.

Your League Has Strained Your Relationships

It may be embarrassing to admit, but chances are, you’ve probably forgotten a special day due to focusing on the league. No matter if it’s your child’s dance recital or your wife’s birthday, fantasy football should never be more important than special moments with your family.

Unfortunately, many friendships have been negatively affected by the harsh impact of a fantasy football dispute, and it can be surprising to look back and see who you’ve lost contact with over the years over something league-related. An argument with a friend over a draft pick shouldn’t result in burned bridges, but it’s easy to get caught up in the devastating loss of a key player to someone else.

You’ve Invested in Fantasy Football League Insurance

You may have never heard of it, but yes, fantasy football insurance is a real thing. Unfortunately, worst case scenarios do happen, and when one of your key players gets injured during a game, fantasy football insurance is there to save the day. Brilliantly created by two insurance brokers in Long Island, fantasy football insurance will cover your league expenses if something were to prevent one of your players from completing the season. Only the most dedicated and truly obsessed fans would consider investing in such a thing.

You Always Find a Way to Turn the Conversation Back to Football

The football season is probably the only thing on your mind from September through January, and it most likely gets in the way of carrying on a normal conversation. Your mind starts forming parallels between any and every subject with football, and while it’s impressive how many broad connections you can instinctively create, you may want to take into consideration that most people don’t care about the awesome linebacker you swept away in the draft.

It’s far too easy to get carried away with your fantasy football league obsession, and if it’s becoming difficult to differentiate your real life from your fantasy life, it may be a sign to start balancing your priorities. Never give it up completely and keep having fun, but keep in mind it’s nice to have a real life sometimes, too.

James Anderson is a sports enthusiast, survivalist and blogger born and raised in West Virginia. He writes about locker room storage for