The Pro Bowl is something that truly baffles me. As I mentioned in my daily invasion earlier today, the NFL is by far the most popular sport in all of America. Not even close. And yet, no All-Star game is less watched, and made fun of more then the Pro Bowl. No one cares about the game. In fact, the selection show probably gets more attention nation wide then the Pro Bowl. The NFL is considering changes to game quality, timing, and location. Well here are a few of my suggestions.

1. Move it back to after the Super Bowl– Here’s a decision that gives Bud Selig calling the MLB All Star Game a tie a run for it’s money as far as one of the worst decision in All Star sports history. Here’s a great idea. Why don’t we move the game to before the Super Bowl, so that the players on two of the best teams in the league can’t play! No Ray Rice, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Patrick Willis, Navarro Bowman, Aldon Smith, and Justin Smith, just to name a few! Sound great right! I mean, come on. What a joke. Move it back. Not that any of these guys would play anyways, since no one cares about the game, but at least give them a chance to play!

2. Make it a whole weekend!– Here’s where I think the NFL is really missing the big picture. In baseball, people don’t really care about the All Star Game. What they care more about is the Home Run Contest. Same goes for the NBA. While their All Star Game is the best in the business, the Saturday Night Festivities  Dunk Contest, 3-Point shootout, etc, are the best part for many of the fans. So why not bring that to football. Bring back the Quarterback Challenge. Have a 100 yard dash contest to determine the fastest player in the game. Do something besides just the game

3. Make the game fun– Who remembers watching Rock and Jock growing up? Rock and Jock aired on MTV, and it was celebrities playing basketball with other celebrities and some real players. The catch was there were bonuses in the game. Hot spots worth extra points, a 25 point basket 20 feet in the air, and so on and so on. Why doesn’t the Pro Bowl have that? Why not put a 10 point circle in the endzone, or 20 extra yard zones in the playing field something like that. It would make the game more fun, and make a ridiculous comeback more likely.

4. Move the Game to Vegas– This is a pretty controversial point, and I’ll preface it by saying this. It doesn’t have to be in Vegas. It just can’t be in Hawaii. I get it. Hawaii is awesome. It’s a great destination. But no one will travel from the states to go to Hawaii to attend a game no one cares about. If you move it to Vegas, people will flock in, the stadium will sell out, and bets on the game would go through the roof. If not Vegas, then in a different city that doesn’t have a team. Maybe Los Angeles one time?

5. Let the Players have fun– They kind of do already, but let them celebrate. The NFL is widely known as the No Fun League for their ridiculous crack down on team celebrations. Call the rules off for this game. Let the whole team do a choreographed river dance. Let Tom Brady put the head set on and coach a possession. Something to spice the game up a bit.

These are just a few ways that the NFL can improve what is really a dying game. I’m the biggest NFL fan you will find, and I don’t know that I’ve watch four combined quarters of the Pro Bowl in my entire life. It’s just boring and not fun. Step your game up Roger Goodell!

What do you think of the Pro Bowl? How can the NFL improve it? Let us know in the comments!