1. Jeff Saturday in AFC?– It is widely know that the Pro Bowl is essentially a joke.  For some reason, the NFL, by far the most popular professional sports league, can’t find a way to make their All Star game matter.  However, there are a few moments from this game every year that are notable.  Most of the time its amazing plays, but this one will pull at the heart strings.  Saturday and Manning were teammates for years, including during the Colts Super Bowl run. Saturday moved onto the Packers, but they took a trip down memory lane in Hawaii, for one more snap. Check it out below.


2. Barnes With the Facial– Harrison Barnes has had trouble living up to the ridiculously high expectations that were place upon him when he was at the University of North Carolina. As a freshman, Barnes was the first player ever picked to be a Preseason All-American as a freshman, but he didn’t make that team, and didn’t even come close really. However, Barnes’s physical talent was never questioned, and he showed by against Milwaukee over the weekend.

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