1. Next Viral Proposal?– Over the past couple years, we have enjoyed several flash mob proposals scavenged throughout the internet. However, to the best of my knowledge, this is the first one that involved sports. Earlier this week, Brandon Barnhart, who is the sophomore coach at Central DeWitt High in Iowa, proposed to his girlfriend before one of their games. However, he enlisted some help from his players and some students as well. Check it out below.


2. RIP Caleb Moore– We end on a sad note today. Winter X-Gamer Caleb Moore died today after injuries he suffered in the freestyle snowmobile competition.  He was just 25.  Moore was attempting a backflip, but under rotated slightly, sending him chest first into the ground. Not only that, the snowmobile landed on him on the way down. Moore also suffered a concussion in the crash, and developed bleeding around his heart. He was in the hospital for a week before he passed away. Footage of the spill can be seen below. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Moore family at this tragic time.



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