1. Congrats to Mike Matusow- Growing up, Mike Matusow was my favorite poker player.  He was a star who had an inperfect life, and he was never afraid to put his problems out there. He wore is heart on his sleeve, and to this day, I still really admire him for that.  With the poker world being taken over by young, “internet” kids, but yesterday, he proved he still has it.  The NBC Heads-Up Championship came back after a one year hiatus, and Matusow bested 63 other players to come out on top.  To make it even sweeter, he knocked off one of his best friends, and a legend in his own right, Phil Hellmuth. Congrats again to “The Mouth”!  If you want to read updates on how the tournament went, you can read the live updates here!


2. Super Bowl Snack Stadiums– The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and that means a ton of things. Football fans are stocking up on snacks and drinks for the big games, while people who don’t care about football are looking forward to seeing the commercials. For some hardcore fans, it means making snack stadiums. Check out some of the most impressive buildings ever made, by food! My favorites are in the featured image and below, but you can see a list of 12 of the best here!


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