1. Lebron Gets Excited– Videos like this make me happy. One of my favorite things is star athletes acting like actual humans. Having emotions. Not acting like you are above everyone when you kind of are. Well Lebron James showed us that yesterday, after a fan made an improbable half court hook shot for $75,000. Watch Lebron’s priceless reaction that added to one of this man greatest moments already.

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2. Cal Poly Injury– Basketball is also the theme of our second story today, but this one is a bit different. Basketball is a game full of freak injuries and fluke occurrences, and you can add this one to the list of odd injuries. Cal Poly guard Jamal Johnson was chasing after a loose ball on the ground when a teammate stepped on the side of his head. Johnson ended up being ok after the incident, but he was left with a noticable, and painful looking scar on his face. Check out the photo below.