1. Track Meet Brawl– Here’s something you won’t see everyday. Plenty of sports have produced in game brawls: hockey, basketball, football come to mind. However, I bet you haven’t seen one at a track meet before. Well, that was until today. Check out this brawl that broke out between two teams during a high school track meet in New York.

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2. Musberger Comments– The National Championship was over almost before it began. Coming into the game, I knew that the Irish would struggle on offense. The Alabama defense was too fast and too strong for them and pretty much anyone not name Johnny Manziel. However, it was the struggles of the Notre Dame defense that shocked me. Two touchdowns to open the game for Bama basically sealed the deal, and that was all she wrote. That phrase is a common one for Brent Musberger, who was the commentator for the game. He produced a funny blooper with his reaction to AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Miss Alabama Katherine Webb. Check it out.

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