1. Half Court Miss– We’ll all been to basketball games or football games and see halftime shows where a lucky fan has a shot at a great cash prize or a trip or something like that. Most of the time, these people fail, and usually miserably. Occasionally  you’ll get to see someone who’s actually athletic and coordinated pull it off, but it’s still rare. However, I promise you have never seen something like this before, and I doubt you will see it again. Check out what this Hawks fan did over the weekend. Is there glue on that ball?

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2. UNLV New Stadium:-What do you think of when I say “great college football stadiums?” The Big House in Michigan? The Swamp in Florida? The LA Coliseum for USC? How about UNLV? Well the Running Rebels football squad has been playing in one of the worst college football stadiums today, but that could be changing soon. The school has made a proposal to build an $800 million dollar state of the art stadium, that has, wait for it, a 100 YARD BIG SCREEN! To put that into prospective, the unheard of big screen at the brand new Dallas Cowboys stadium is only 80 yards. Check out a photo of what the stadium could look like below.


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