2012 was another great year in sports, and it also provided us with more of the amazing gift that is: GIFs. It also provided us with some great meme’s as well, which we honor with our feature image: British runner Mo Farah running away from things. On that note, check out our top nine GIFS of the year!

9.  Down in Front–  The camera found NBA legend David “The Admiral” Robinson in the audience.  He was enjoying the view, until a grandmother stands up and gives us one of the best photo bombs of the year.

8. That’s Reaching!- This was an interesting encounter when France and Spain took each other on during the Summer Olympics. I guess Nic Batum took offense to something that Juan Carlos Navarro did earlier in the game, because he was certainly not aiming for the ball here. Check it out.

7. Commentator gets Nailed– The NFL sideline can be a hazardous place to be. In fact, it’s a wonder that there aren’t more really funny gifs just like this one. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport was commentating before the Packers-Texans game when he got a sudden surprise from the field of play.



6. Sneaky Chris Bosh- Bosh has largely been classified as the third wheel of the big three, and he’s tired of not getting all the attention.  During a post game interview with Lebron James, Bosh decided to pop up and do a not so subtle photo bomb of his own.


5. Aly Reisman’s Parents are Nervous- McKayla Maroney stole the show with her not so impressed face, but before that, there was Aly Reisman’s parents. On the first night of gymnastics  the cameras panned to Reisman’s parents, who were quite possibly the two most nervous people in the city. Get ready to laugh.


4. Kid Growing Up– This one wins for best crowd shot of the year. This camera caught a young boy who was quite impressed by the candy lady at a Wizards game last season. His face is pretty priceless, and he shows his true colors when he goes to look for the behind. Pretty hilarious.


3. Best Ad Placement Ever– Someone didn’t really think this ad placement through. The MLB Playoffs were promoting The Amazing Spiderman, and the choice of placement and color made for an instant classic of a gif. Excuse you CC Sabathia.


2. Butt Fumble– From a purely comedic stand point, I don’t know if you could have created a better gif. It’s the perfect storm of hilarity. A much maligned Quarterback in Mark Sanchez, in a city where everyone is watching, making a play that will never be forgotten for all the wrong reason. Look no further for one of the best sports gifs of all time.


1. Usain Bolt Make’s a Kid’s Life- Our #1 GIF of the year perfectly sums up why I love sports, and why I love Olympic Star Usain Bolt. Just before he set Olympic history by becoming the first runner in Olympic history to win the 100 and 200 meters in back-to-back Olympics.  Before this moment, he took the time to do the simplest of gestures, but one that brought out one of the most genuine and heart warming reactions you will ever see.


Did we miss your favorite GIF? Let us know in the comments!