Welcome back for another week of NFL Beyond The Numbers! This week, “Vegas” Dave Consolazio and I discuss potential playoff expansion. Earlier this week, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that he would be interested in expanding the NFL playoffs from 12 teams to 14, or maybe even as much as 16. Dave and I talk about what we like about the idea, and what we hate about it.

We also have our weekly picks again. I’m still going strong after last week, sitting on a  23-15-4 record, and 7-7 on upsets, while Dave is down at 19-23, with a 5-9 upset mark. Find out what teams we like this week! And lastly, with most Fantasy leagues in the playoffs, it is important now more then ever to pick up that key free agent. Find out what two players we love this week! Thanks for listening!


What do you think of expanding the NFL playoffs? Would you want an NBA style seeding with one game for all? Let us know in the comments!