1. Ryan Lochte’s Big Heart– Ryan Lochte got a lot of flack this summer for his…interesting interview answers. He was also the inspiration behind one of the best skits on SNL this season.  Having said that, Lochte’s talent can never be questioned, and after what he did over the weekend, his heart will never be either. Lochte talked about how a swimmer he looked up to shunned his autograph request as a kid. He told himself he wouldn’t be like that, and he came through on that promise when he gave his World Championship medal away to 8 year old Arda Harunyan. Check out the cute photo below.


2. Sidney Crosby Still Playing– One of my favorite stories from last season was Kevin Durant playing flag football with college kids during the NBA lockout last year. It just showed how humble, down to earth, and all around awesome Durantala is. Well now, you can add Sidney Crosby to the list of sports stars who don’t mind playing with us everyday people. The NHL is on lockout as we speak, and Crosby decided to keep himself busy by playing goalie at a 26 and under game in Pittsuburgh over the weekend. You can read more about it here!


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