1. Amazing Community College Dunk–  Julius Erving was the first to do it. Michael Jordan was the first to repeat it. Countless others have tried since. Some have failed. Some succeeded. I’m of course talking about dunking from the free throw line. Now usually, this dunk is only seen in a contest of sorts, as it takes a good amount of uninterrupted running space. However, Jacksonville Community College Sophomore Daniel Skinner did this dunk, in the middle of a game. Of course, the jump isn’t quite from the line, but it’s still quite an impressive show. Enjoy.

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2. Messi’s Legendary Year– Yesterday, Lionel Messi, won of the best young soccer players the world has ever seen, broke yet another amazing record.  With two goals on Sunday, Messi notched his 85th and 86th in a calender year, breaking a 40 year old record previously set by German legend Gerd Muller. So today, we honor Messi by bringing you a great video of all 86 of those goals by the tiny super star. It’s a long video, but it’s well worth it for anyone who has the time to view it.

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