1. Wrong Shorts MJ– Michael Jordan hasn’t really made the best decisions since he officially retired from basketball. He is GM of the Charlotte Bobcats, a team that is setting records for ineptitude and being terrible.  He also, hasn’t made the best fashion choices either. I mean, who told him this looked good?! But now, Jordan is getting himself in hot water for not abiding to a golf course’s dress code. Jordan decided to wear Cargo Shorts to the golf course, and the owners were not too happy about it. You can read more here, and see the funny picture below.



2. Deaf Football School Making Noise: You’ve likely heard of inspiring players who fight handicaps like autism and  other developmental challenges. You’ve likely also heard about some players, and even teams, being deaf.  However, how often do you hear of a team of deaf players, who are contending for titles. Well, Fremont’s California School for the Deaf went 10-2 on the season, on their way to the North Central II/Bay League title. The school came up just short of the title game, losing 13-12 in the semi-finals.  You can see the full inspiring story below. Congrats on a great season guys!

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