1. Henderson Monster Dunk-Gerald Henderson is one of the more underrated high fliers in the game, due in large part to the face that he’s on the Charlotte Bobcats. Despite being the worst franchise in all of sports, the Bobcats have always given the Lakers trouble, even in their championship days of a few years ago. Last night was so different, as LA needed a furious 2nd half comback to win the game, by one, at home. One of the big plays that led the Bobcats to their big league was Henderson, throwing down a monster dunk over Dwight Howard. Check out how high he gets up.

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2. Dwight Howard’s 2nd Career- Speaking of Dwight Howard, he’s a solid contender for commercial of the year.  Howard gives us an insight on his second life, as a ghost hunter. This commercial is amazing. I don’t know what’s funnier: his ridiculous screaming, or teh little whimper he lets out beforehand. This is a classic.

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