1. Playoffs?!– Mike D’Antoni has never been a coach who provides classic quotes in post game press conferences, but when you are playing as bad as the Lakers are these days, you can understand his frustration. After another embarrassing loss to the Cavaliers last night, D’Antoni was asked repeatedly about the defense, which was porous and borderline non-existent at times. Eventually, D’Antoni got fed up, and fired back at the reporter. Check it out below.

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2. What Were You Thinking?– Well this is something you don’t see everyday. Toronto Raptor’s center Amir Johnson will certainly be getting a call from NBA Commissioner David Stern after a bizarre incident last night. Toronto was taking on Portland when JJ Hickson took to the line and made the first of two free throws.  Now when this happens, the referee either grabs the ball, or a player does and hands it to the ref. However, Amir Johnson had other plans in mind. I won’t ruin it. Just watch.

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This is all I was thinking of as I was watching these clips.

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