1. Jaguar’s Christmas Card– In recent weeks, Chad Henne has shown to be a bright light in what has otherwise been another disappointing and frustrating season for the struggle Florida based franchise. It is unknown at this point whether the Jaguars will stick with Henne next year, or go back to Blaine Gabbert. Well Henne certainly isn’t winning any points in the locker room with his latest Christmas card. The photo is below, of Henne and his wife wearing matching pajamas. I’m not going to knock Henne. I’m happily married, so this will be me soon, and I won’t mind it when it does. Plus, his wife is pretty hot.

2. Brady Welcomes Daughter- Speaking of happily married, Tom Brady is adding to his resume for the job of being the coolest man alive. The three time Super Bowl winner just welcomed a daughter, Vivian Lake Brady, and she is the third child he has with his lovely wife Gisele Bundchen. Brady has led the Patriots to a 9-3 record so far, one that should win them another AFC East title.  But that’s not the only reason that he is happy now. Check out this photo of Gisele taken in September, when she was over six months pregnant with their now new born daughter.

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