1. Look Ma! One Hand!– There have been a ton of one handed catches this year that can be contenders for catch of the year. I don’t know if this one will beat them all, but it certainly is quite impressive. The Eagles are a team that is chalked full of great athletes who can’t seem to live up to their potential on the field, and Jason Avant is one of them.  Yesterday, Avant went up to catch a tall pass from Nick Foles, and he snagged it out of the air with ease. Check it out.

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2. Javale Being Javale– Javale McGee has developed a not so great reputation in his first few years in the league. I feel bad for McGee. He tries. Really hard. Sometimes, too much.  His hustle can often lead to some good plays, but it can also provide some hilarious bloopers. Over the weekend, McGee added to this list. Check it out below.

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