With so many different options and variations in football betting markets nowadays, it’s hard to know what to focus on if you’re looking for a decent return from your football betting tips. The proliferation of football statistics websites in recent years has made it even easier to dissect every aspect of the game and then try to apply it to the multitude of bets on offer.

The cold, harsh truth of the matter is that all these different betting options are just a new, complex way of the Bookmaker coming out on top and the punter losing. The illusion of choice with such a ridiculous array of bets like, number of corners/yellow cards/throw ins/ will there be a hat-trick? / Multiple goal + corner combinations etc, is a fun distraction from the core principles of serious football betting.

There are, of course, no absolute dead cert favourites in any form of gambling but you are more likely to win over a longer period if you stick to punting on Europe’s top clubs on a regular basis. Football really is a simple game; nearly every major club wins a higher percentage of their home matches than away matches. Therefore, it is a fairly straightforward common sense solution to avoid betting on away games and to stick to the obvious benefits of home advantage.

This is not rocket science, just a measured, methodical way of reducing your risk. The odds for bigger teams to win away from home are not great anyway, even if you try multiples. For example, Europe’s three best sides at the moment, statistically speaking, are Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Juventus – all are top of their respective leagues, and lead the way in possession and pass success percentages – who will all play away this weekend, and if you bet on them to win as a treble it will only come to 2.7 Euro odds – 17/10 normal odds.

Some tipsters would advise limiting yourself to Europe’s four main leagues, England, Spain, Germany and Italy. I would also include Belgium, Holland, Portugal as leagues that include dominant sides that consistently finish in the top three positions. Divisions to avoid are Russia and France; where the powerful teams are yet to establish themselves after a recent influx of lucrative billionaire cash takeovers at several clubs, especially in Russia.

If you regularly check who the most in-form teams are in the aforementioned leagues, at the present time the top three is Barcelona (Spain), Anderlecht (Belgium), Benfica (Portugal), by using one of the many statistics websites on the internet e.g. whoscored.com, you can then put separate medium to large stakes on them to win, of course, only if they are playing at home.

This betting strategy requires patience and nerve, even if it seems pretty obvious; you must have the courage to put fairly big amounts on your selections whilst also veering away from the temptation to bet on the form sides when they’re not at home. Some weeks you may only have one bet to make or maybe none, in this instance I would recommend betting a medium to small stake on teams playing at home who are lower down the form table of the seven leagues we’ve pinpointed.

The over/under goals markets have been an interesting development in gambling but they demand more detailed analysis and attention in order to be successful. The simplicity of betting on top teams at home is less time consuming and will also guarantee a return over the course of a season. The insane amount of football betting options and the relatively new in-play markets have all been designed by the Bookmakers to blind the punter from making simple, sensible betting decisions.

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