Last year, video of Wayne Rooney went viral when he registered an unbelievable bicycle kick to put his team on top of bitter in city rival Manchester City. Well a year later, Zlatan Ibrahimovic staked his claim for the play of the year in this year’s soccer season. Ibrahimovic was suited up for Sweden in a friendly with England, with his team having the lead 3-2. It was in stoppage time of the second half, when the English keeper made a poor effort of a clearance. Rather then take the deflection and try to get closer, Ibrahimovic decided to go for a rather unbelievable effort. Check it out below.


The concentration on the play is just amazing. The timing was perfect, the shot couldn’t have been in any better, and the crowd was left with a fantastic cap to a great game. Will this be the play of hte year in the soccer league? I’m not sure, but I would certainly put it at the top of the list for now.