232 carries. 1,911 yards. 35 TD’s 8.2 yards per carry. What do these numbers sounds like to you? Maybe the yards of a former Heisman trophy winning season? No.  Maybe a future NFL running back’s star studded senior season in high school? No. Try a pee wee football player, and more importantly, try a girl. Yes, Sam Gordon, a 9-year old female pee-wee football players, is storming the nation with her incredible highlight reel that her parents put together. In Salt Lake City, Gordon is allowed to play football with the boys, and after looking at some of her highlights, you can understand why. Check out below!

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I feel like I’m watching guys like Reggie Bush and DeAnthony Thomas when they were kids, but sure enough, it’s the incomprobable Gordon. I wonder how long Gordon will play before she isn’t allowed to anymore by the rules or by personal choice. Who knows, maybe she will break some rules, but come high school, when boys start to grow into men, maybe she won’t be able to compete on the same level. But I certainly hope so. It’s always great to see change in sports, and I’m a huge fan of Sam Gordon! Keep it up girl!

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