We have a big one tonight guys. The (10-1) Atlanta Falcons host the (5-6) New Orleans Saints. The Falcons have played great this year, beating everyone in their path, except one team. Tonight, that teams comes to their home. The Falcons are one of the best home teams in the league, and typically, the Saints struggle on the road. But could New Orleans pull some magic out of their hats? Let’s take a closer look.

How the Falcons Can Win: Three weeks ago, the Falcons fell to the Saints 31-27, despite 411 passing yards from  and three touchdowns Matt Ryan. They were forced to pass it all game long, as the Falcons were held to 46 yards on the ground. That number has to go up in this game. The Saints are a team that is built to shoot out, and while the Falcons are as well, the Saints have played it for longer. They’ve also played it on bigger stages then Atlanta. The Falcons need to control the football, and keep the crowd involved in the game, or else the Saints could walk away with a season sweep.


How the Saints Can Win: There was one player who emerged in the Falcons game, and was the main reason they won. That man, was Jimmy Graham. Graham hauled in 7 catches for 146 yards and 2 touchdowns. Graham is on pace to match his season total of 11 touchdowns last year, but both his yards and receptions figure to be down by season’s end. Brees will have to use this weapon a ton, and open up the outside for the receivers and running backs. Defensively, the Saints look fine. Last week, the 49ers only mustered up 17 points, as the Niners defense scored back-to-back pick six’s against Brees. They must keep up their aggression and blitzes, and disrupt Matt Ryan’s flow.


Our Prediction: I’ve been going back and forth in my head for a while now. I actually think the Saints are playing better football right now then the Falcons. Atlanta has won their last two games by 5 points combined. Meanwhile, the Saints are 5-2 in their last seven games, including the win over Atlanta at home. The crowd will be a huge factor tonight, but the Saints are a team on a mission. They are familiar with Atlanta, and last year, they marched out of the Georgia Done with a 26-23 victory. We think the same will happen tonight. The Saints will pull off the big road win, propelling them into the last month of their schedule, which doesn’t get any easier.

Saints win 31-24.

Who do you think will win? Who you think is more valuable for their team: Matt Ryan or Drew Brees? Let us know in the comments!