The AFC East will be on the featured stage of NFL Network tonight, but it won’t involve the high flying Patriots or the always loud New York Jets. This game involves the 4-5 Miami Dolphins travelling to the 3-6 Buffalo Bills. Both teams are coming off back-to-back losses, so who will be able to right the ship tonight? Something has to give, unless we have our second tie in the last four days. Let’s dive in a bit deeper.

How the Dolphins can Win: What a difference two weeks can make for an NFL team. 14 days ago, the Fins were sitting at 4-3, facing a matchup with the Colts that would determine who would take control of the five seed in the AFC. Well Miami lost a close one ot Indy 23-20, then got absolutely destroyed last week by Tennessee, at home. That was one of the weirdest results of  the entire season, as Tennessee hadn’t look very impressive all season long. This game would figure to be the perfect game to get things going again, but I’m not so sure. I have no doubt that the offense will move the ball tonight, but this defense, which looked so good last month, now looks like they will struggle against a Bills offense that can always put points up. If the Fins want to get back to .500, they will need to do it by getting down and dirty: pounding the rock with Reggie Bush, who has also struggled mightily the last two weeks, and use their strong defense to keep the Bills from lighting up the scoreboard.

How the Bills Can Win: The Bills have had one of the weirder schedules in the league this year, having had six road games and just three games so far nine games into the season. The last two road games just so happened to have come up against the Texans and Patriots. In that last game, the Billls had a legitimate shot at taking the game down, as they were denied in the final seconds.  Now, they finally get to come home, and they are welcomed by a Thursday night home crowd. It will be cold in Buffalo, and that greatly benefits Buffalo.  Ryan Fitzpatrick will have to have his A-game, and the offense will revolve around CJ Spiller, who once again has the reigns with Fred Jackson suffering a concussion last week. Mario Williams also finally made the highlight reel last week, but he will need to have a much bigger impact in this game, and get some pressure on the inexperienced Tannehill.


Our Prediction: Before I started typing this article, I had the Dolphins, based mainly on records, and what we’ve seen so far this season. However, after considering all of the options, recent opponents, and how the teams are looking as of right now, I’m starting to lean towards the Bills. I like Fitzpatrick over Tannehill, I like Stevie Johnson over any of Miami’s receivers, and given Reggie’s lack of production last week, I even give CJ Spiller the slight edge. The problem is, even with Miami struggling, their defense is better then Buffalo. Despite being a cold weathered night game, I think this could be a good offensive game for both teams. I’m going to pull the upset here, and go with Buffalo to win 27-20.

What do you think of tonight’s game? DO you agree that Buffalo will pull off the upset? Let us know what you think in the comments!