Both these teams are in the thick of two battles, though they are very different ones. On one side, you have the struggling San Diego Chargers, who are fighting (not really) for first place in the division with the Denver Broncos. The Chargers are looking to snap a three game losing streak, the latest of which was an embarrassing 7-6 loss in Cleveland. On the other side, you have Kansas City, who is “fighting” for the number 1 overall pick.  The Chiefs have too many issues to trade that pick if they get it. They could go defense and get the stud linebacker Jarvis Jones from Georgia, or they could give up on Matt Cassell and Brady Quinn, and bring in a Matt Barkley or Geno Smith. Should be very interesting. But, it’s time to focus on tonight’s matchup.

How the Chiefs Can Win: For me, it’s two simple things: get Jamaal Charles going, and get in Phillip Rivers’ head.  It’s no secret that Charles is the guy that fuels this offense, but he has been woefully inconsistent this year. Charles struggled to start the year, then had three straight stud games that made us think he was back to his pre-acl injury days. However, he has had two straight awful games, including a head scratching 5 carries for 4 yards effort last week. He has to get things going again for this offense to do anything. And on the other side, the defense has to rattle Rivers, which this year seems easier then ever. He has struggled in two straight games, and if the Chiefs want to have a shot tonight, they will have to force him into more mistakes.


How the Chargers Can Win: The only way the Chargers will lose tonight is if they beat themselves. I know that sounds cliche, but you can ask Chargers fans how true that is! San Diego was just one big play away from a win last week, but they couldn’t do it.  With the rain pouring down in Cleveland, the Chargers were never able to muster up any sort of offensive threat. Despite keeping the turnovers down, they still beat themselves. Now, you come home to sunny Southern California, and you are hosting a 1-6 team. Should be a win right? Nothing is ever certain in San Diego, but against this horrible defense, I expect the Chargers to move the ball, and pound Ryan Matthews the rest of the way.


Our Prediction: San Diego really has no business losing this game, but that hasn’t stopped them from doing that before.  Kansas City is just an awful team that is in desperate need of retooling this offseason.  San Diego, despite what they may show on the field, has the players to make a legit playoff push if they can just figure it out on the field. I’m not going to be bold tonight. The Chargers should and will win this game comfortably, or else Norv Turner can for sure look for another job, if he isn’t already.

Chargers win 28-10. 

Who do you think will win? Let us know what you think in the comments!