1. Kevin Love Pass– Kevin Love has played just four games this season after suffering a broken hand in the offseason.  Since he’s returned, Love has continued to put up stellar numbers, averaging 24 points and 14 rebounds a game. However, one play that won’t show up in a stat sheet proved to be one of the best of the year so far. Love was going up for a three pointer, but the defender was right on top of it. What followed is pure basketball instincts. Check it out.

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The court awareness is amazing by Love in this spot. I’m a huge fan of Love after I traded for him last year, and he went on to lead me to the fantasy basketball title. And with plays like that, I might be going after him again this year.

2. Backflip Record: There are some bizarre world records out there, and there are also some amazing athletic ones. This particular clip falls under both of those categories. Army Lieutenant Jalyessa Walker did an incredible 49 backflips in a row, shattering the previous record of 36. Check it out below

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Watching this video, I couldn’t help but to think of an amazing video of Giants star defensive player Jason Pierre Paul.  However, Pierre Paul could only muster up 13 backflips. How puny.

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