1. Joey Crawford Dance: It’s not too often that referee’s stand out for anything other then a horrible call.  In the NFL, Ed Hochuli has made a name for himself by bulking up like the Hulk. In the NBA, that person is Joey Crawford. He has become famous, or rather infamous, for his aggressive foul calling, and some of his antics on the court. Well last night, Crawford added to his legacy by adding alittle two step to his blocking call against teh Lakers.

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2. Lebron James’s Son: Well if you are the son of Lebron James, and you name happens to be Lebron James Jr., then you know that you have alot to live up to. Well, the 8-year old is already getting a head start on that, as he might turn into the next youtube sensation. The basketball child prodigy recorded this trick shot from the balcony of his home. Enjoy.

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