Happy Halloween everyone! You may have seen this play over the weekend, but in case you didn’t, check it out. North Carolina were 7 point favorites over NC State on Saturday, but UNC looked like they would lose. The Tar Heels made a late 4th quarter comeback, tying the game up at 35, then stopping NC State. The Wolfpack punted it away, and Giovani Bernard capped the game off in epic fashion. Check it out.

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Who does this remind you of? DeSean Jackson anyone?

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He’s the best part. The play swung the spread in Vegas. On the ensuing extra point, the snap was fumbled, and on an improvised play, the Tar Heels got the 2 point conversion, winning the game by eight.

What did you think of the play? Is it one of the best of the year? Let us know what you think!