Well who would have thought that this game, seven weeks into the division, would be deciding the lead of the NFC West.  The 49ers and Seahawks are sitting at 4-2, with the Niners losing to the Vikings and Giants. The Seahawks, meanwhile, have registered home wins over the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots. So who do we like to take the lead into the division?

How the Seahawks can Win: It will be up to the defense, and how affective they will be in shutting down Alex Smith. We saw that last week that this team will only go so far as Smith can take them, as his three interceptions put the defense in handcuffs all day long. The Hawks know how to get pressure on the Quarterback, having sacked Aaron Rodgers eight times in one half. If they want to pull off this upset, on the road, they will have to take Frank Gore out of the game, and exploit Alex Smith’s shortcomings, of which there are many.


How the 49ers can Win: The Niners will be quite upset coming into this game after being embarrassed on national TV by the Giants last week.  I expect the Niners to give rookie Russell Wilson fits all day, and the key will be shutting down Marshawn Lynch.  If they are able to neutralize him, they will be able to tee off on Wilson in the pocket.  On the offensive side, they will have to pound the ball with Frank Gore, and give Smith time to find his receivers in space. In addition, Vernon Davis, who has disappeared in the past couple games, will need to find his mojo again in order for them to win.

Our Prediction: This game looks like a defensive struggle to me. The Hawks defense held the Patriots offense to just three 4th quarter points last week, and completely shut them down on the last two possessions of last week’s game.  Meanwhile, the Niners defense gave up 26 points to the Giants, but that was due in large part to great starting field position for the G-men. I can’t see the Niners losign back-to-back home games, especially to a team like Seattle that is so much tougher at home then on the road. I like San Fran to win this game 20-10, covering the 7 point spread.

Who do you think will win? Will the winner of this game go on to win the division? Let us know in the comments!