The number 52.38% is very important in NFL betting. Just to break even without incurring a loss, you need to win this percentage. To get some profit you have to win more than 52.4%. While the concept of betting itself is based on numbers, these are the numbers you need to target if you need to survive without actually making a loss.

While it would seem easy, it is actually a difficult task to win more than 53% in betting on NFL games. If you still want to venture into this field, we would offer you some tips here which can help you to get some profit.

A. You should know your limits on the amount to bet.

Suppose there are two people who have a monthly budget of $2000 each for betting. One puts in $1000 on a single bet and wins and the other puts in $ 100 and loses. Though the former seems to be a better bettor, it is actually the second one who is wiser. Since the first person is taking too much of a risk, he is sure to lose heavily in the long run.

As a rule, you should not bet more than 2% to 5% of your monthly budget on a single game. If you have a budget or $2000 the bets should ideally be restricted between $40 and $100. This way the profits would start coming when you get more experienced in the field and the loss would be minimum.

B. Use edges in the NFL lines for your betting.

There are many bettors who feel that consistency would bring them profits. They regularly make the same number of bets every week irrespective of the performance of the teams. This is, however, a sure shot method of losing money in the long run. Instead of betting on every game, you need to take advantage of NFL lines and bet though you may not be able to put in the same number of bets every week. Since you are betting with some advantage, you may start making money eventually.

C. Do some Research before betting.

It would be wise do a comparison of NFL lines of various sport books. Since there would be some difference between various sport books, you can opt for the most profitable one after you decide on the team to bet. Even a difference of half-a-point can give you a winning edge.

D. Avoid Liquor

Intoxication can seriously affect your judgment while betting and also give you false confidence to take more risks. Keep away from drinks till you place your bets.

Losing a bet is part of the game. To make a profit in the long run, you need to learn to take a correct decision on short term bets.

We hope this helps you with some of your football bets in the future. Do you have any amazing sports betting stories, either good or bad. We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments!