Ok, it’s time to play who you rather: would you rather be a fan of a terrible team that hasn’t come close to making the playoffs in the last decade? Or would you rather side with a team that teases you with their incredible talent, only to disappointing you year, after year, after year. In case you couldn’t gather from the title, I’m talking about two of the most tortured fan bases in all of sports: The Cleveland Browns, and the San Diego “Super” Chargers.

Why It’s Tougher to be a Browns Fan: When I say the words “ineptitude” and “football”, you can’t help but to immediately think of the Cleveland Browns.

You know that amazing feeling you get the week before the NFL season. You always tell yourself, this is the year! If we can stay healthy, I like our rookies, we improved our weakest spot. How many times have you heard a fan of a bad team say? Too many to count right.

For most of these teams, this feeling lasts a few weeks. Maybe they pull off a nice win at home to get to 1-2, only one game out of the lead! That’s most teams. For the Browns, that feeling lasts about an hour and a half: if they are lucky. Think about the season opener this year, where they host the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are favorites in many eyes in the NFC East, and the Browns look overmatched.

However, they kept it close. It’s a 10-6 game going into the fourth, and the QB’s look like they are confused as to what colors they are throwing to. Despite four interceptions from Michael Vick, two of which set up redzone opportunities while the last one proved to be the only points for the Brownies. Weeden matches Vick’s terrible effort with four picks of his own, and there you have it: Browns season in a nutshell.

I could go on about how tough it is to be a Browns, fan, but why not let a season ticket holder himself tell you.

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Why It’s Tougher to be a Chargers Fan: Monday Night’s debacle against Denver  pretty much perfectly sums up why it’s so brutal to be a Chargers fan. YOU GUYS ARE ACTUALLY GOOD! We saw that in the first half, where you jumped out to a 24-0 lead. Sure, a couple fumbles helped, but Rivers was on fire, and he was hooking up with Gates like it was 2006!

 Hey guys, remember when we made the AFC Championship?!

The Broncos begin to mount a comeback, and Elvis Dumervil makes a play. I’d love to make fun of Rivers here, but great play by Dumbervil and better play by Von Miller to tap the ball over for the recovery. Rivers continues to struggle in the third, but it surprises no one. When it’s a three point game, Rivers decides that he doesn’t want the ball anymore, throwing his first of what would be a few 4th quarter picks.

You see….what…had….happened

Manning continues to be Manning, and Rivers continues to be Rivers.  Now down by four, Rivers takes the ball again, and….well, he finds a Denver Bronco again. The defense holds, and Rivers has one more shot. And he does this. This one is returned for a touchdown, and just like that, the Chargers give you perfect video on how to blow a 24 point second half lead, at home.

Oh yeah, and Norv Turner is still here. Has any coach in sports history survived well beyond his time then Turner? I mean seriously, this guys has been a sure lock fire every year for the last 4 years, and yet he’s still here. Want to know what Rivers thinks of that?

 So what do you guys think? Is it tougher to be a Browns fan, or a Chargers fan? For my money, it’s San Diego. There’s no reason that a team like this, that has been so talented for so many years, to not at least get to the Super Bowl. Forgetting actually winning one: just get there! But alas, Chargers fans should prepare themselves for another 7-9 season, while Peyton leads the Broncos to the AFC West championship.

We want to hear what you guys think! Let us know who you think is tougher to be a fan of in the comments!