If you looked at the slate of games  yesterday, and were told that one of the games would be 41-34, which one would you have picked? Kansas City-Buffalo? New Orleans-Carolina? How about the New York Giants and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Well that’s what happened yesterday, as Eli Manning threw for a career high 510 yards, and made Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz look like Hall of Famers. But these stats overshadowed the play of the game, and what we feel was the play of the day.

The Giants were driving with just a few seconds left in the first half when Tampa corner Eric Wright came on a corner blitz. However, when he saw that Eli was going with a hot route, he stopped dead in his tracks, and picked off a quick pass to end the drive. Now that play alone would have been a game changer, but then Wright went into video game mode. Check out several angles of Wright’s incredible return for a touchdown, where he manages to evade the entire team.


What an incredible return. The fact is, players try to do this type of return every game, and 1 in 50 actually work.  But this one did, and boy was it impressive. The Bucs are better then people think they are. They shut down Cam Newton in Week 1, and they almost sent the defending champions to a 0-2 start.  With the Saints struggling, and the Panthers looking like the same team as last year, this could be the season that the Bucs step back into the playoffs. It will be a tall task, but anyone can beat anyone on any given Sunday (New England wtf?)

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