Well yesterday was the day that many of us were waiting months for: it was the first College Football Saturday!  Campuses around the country were full of tailgaters, and everyone was ready to see some magic. There were some great plays, but we think this is the top one. Ohio State attendance may be down this year(they are on postseason probation), but whoever was in attendance yesterday saw something special. In the second quarter, Braxton Miller dropped back, and went for Devin Smith in the endzone. Smith went up for the grab, and made a ridiculously hard player look even more ridiculously easy. Check it out.


That’s impressive. Smith simply snags it out of the air, with one hand, and gets both feet in, like a pro.  It was the jump start the Buckeyes, as they went on to win 56-10 in Urban Meyer’s debut in Buckeye nation. Once the postseason ban is done, I expect to see Ohio State back on top of the rankings. Meyer is a great coach, and even better recruiter.

What did you think of the play? Was there a better play on Saturday? Let us know in the comments!