Tonight, the longest standing rivalry in NFL history adds another chapter, as the Bears travel to Lambeau Field to take on the Packers.  Last week, the Bears cruised against Andrew Luck and the Colts, while the Packers looked sluggish against a very good 49ers team. Now, the Packers need to step their game up, or else they will fall to 0-2, and lose more games in two weeks then they did all of last season. Let’s take a closer look.

How the Packers Can Win: I was a huge defender of this defense last year. The fact of the matter was, they were last in passing yards allowed for the simple fact that they were always ahead, and their opponent always had to pass.  They made up for it by taking the ball away, leading the NFL in interceptions. However, based on last week, I’m more concerned about Green Bay. I’m worried that the NFL has had a year to break down this offense, while the D hasn’t improved. Having said all that, it was just one week, and it was against the mighty 49ers.  Enough about last week, let’s look at tonight. The Packers may be without their star WR Greg Jennings, which would be a huge loss. Aaron Rodgers will have to take control of this game early, and they will have to get Cedric Benson more involved. Rodgers can only beat so many teams by himself, and Chicago is not one of them.  On the defensive side, Clay Matthews will have to be a bigger factor, and the defense will have to force the mistake prone Jay Cutler into some of those mistakes.

How the Bears Can Win: The Bears offense was clicking on all cylinders last week, and could prove to be one of the most effective offenses in football. However, it was against Indianapolis, at home, so let’s see how they look on the road, against a defense that has some playmakers on it. This is now an offense first defense second team, so it will be interesting how they work tonight. The Cutler-Marshall combo looked like they hadn’t missed a beat in their few years apart, and that’s scary for the NFC. I also loved what I saw from Alshon Jeffrey, making a tough catch look effortless on his lone touchdown last week. Having said all that, it will be up to the defense to contain the Packers if they want to win.  They have the names to do it, but are they going to be a step behind with age this year?

Our Prediction: If this game was in Chicago, I would pull the “upset” and go with Chicago.  But I just can’t imagine Aaron Rodgers and the Packers not only starting the season off 0-2, but starting the season off 0-2 AT HOME.  This is about as big a game as you will find in the NFL in Week 2, and I have to think that the Packers get it done tonight, even if they don’t have Greg Jennings. If Rodgers is the MVP, and the best player in football, then he has to get it done today.  I like the Packers to squeeze out a 30-23 win tonight in a close game.

Who do you think will win tonight? Can the Packers bounce back if they go 0-2? Let us know in the comments!