This was the first week that most of the matchups in the Pac-12 were inter-conference games, and we got an idea of who will be contenders come Thanksgiving, and who looks to be stumbling down the standings. Stanford and Washington were idle this week. Let’s dive a bit deeper.

Arizona State bounced back from a disappointing 24-20 loss to Missouri by thumping Utah 37-7.  Colorado finally managed to get themselves into the win column, shocking Washington State 35-34 thanks to 21 4th quarter points. This comes fresh off losses to Colorado State, Sacramento State, and Fresno State. And USC bounced back from their embarassing 21-14 loss to Stanford by beating Cal 27-9. Against Stanford, it was the poor play of the offensive and defensive line that did the Trojans in. Against Cal, the offensive and defensive lines were the reason they won, as Matt Barkley struggled for the second straight week, meaning that his Heisman hopes continue to fade.

Now let’s get to the two biggest games of the weekend.  First off, Oregon State traveled to Los Angeles and knocked off a ranked team. No, it was not USC, but rather UCLA, who was ranked #19 going into the game. Oregon State pulled off the upset, as we predicted they would last week, 27-20.  The Beavers are an interesting teams. While most teams around the country have four games under their belt, OSU only has two. Their opener against Nicholls State was postponed due to Hurricane Isaac, and they had a bye week two weekends ago. Here’s the thing though: both of their wins were against ranked teams, as they beat Wisconsin at home 10-7 when they were ranked #13. Just how good is Oregon State this year? We will find out in a couple more games.

The second big result was one of the biggest games of the entire college football calender: Arizona at Oregon.  This game was built up to be an offensive shootout, and Oregon did their part, putting 49 points up. However, Arizona didn’t quite get the memo, as they were shut out. If the Oregon defense can keep that level of play up, they will be a deadly team, as they have now jumped up to the #2 spot in the nation behind Alabama.

Looking forward to next week, Utah and USC will both have bye weeks to prepare for their matchup on Thursday, October 4th.  The first game on the calender will be #8 Stanford travelling to Washington on Thursday night. This should be an interesting game, as Stanford has had a week and a half to sit on their win over SC. Washington has one of the loudest stadiums in the Pac-12, and contrary to what the 41-3 loss to LSU would indicate, they are a talented team. My guess is this game is alot closer then people think, but Stanford pulls it out in the end.

Oregon travels to Washington State for what looks to be one of the biggest blowouts in NCAA history.  Oregon could easily put up 70 points, and well, the Cougars offense leaves something to be desired.  This one will be over by the end of the 1st quarter.

Arizona State travels to Cal, and I like the Sun Devils in this one. Cal just isn’t that good a team, and Arizona State was a couple plays away from being 4-0 right now. UCLA will likely bounce back as they welcome Colorado to the Rose Bowl. Despite getting their first win last week, the Buffalo are one of the worst teams in the whole nation. The Bruins shouldn’t have much trouble getting back into the win column.

Lastly, there is the biggest game on the calender for the conference, and while it’s not a huge matchup, it will still be a big result come bowl game time, as both #18 Oregon State and Arizona should go bowling. It will be interesting to see how Oregon State plays as favorites, as they are now the ranked team. Meanwhile, Arizona, who will have the home field advantage, is coming off the embarrassing 49-0 loss on national TV. I think the Wildcats will come out pissed off and be ready to go from kickoff. I like Arizona to be the one pulling off the upset this time, knocking off the Beavers at home.

That does it for us today.  What did you think of the Pac-12 this weekend? Will Oregon run the table and make the National Championship again? Let us know in the comments!