Paul George established himself as one of the best dunkers on the planet this year when he was selected to compete in the 2012 Slam Dunk Contest. He didn’t win it, but he was able to get his name out there. George continued to be on the radar in the playoffs, where he started all 11 games for the Indiana Pacers. But now, George has done something that has elevated him to being “internew famous.”

Just a few days ago, George was in Shanghai, China for an exhibition game. While there, he showed off a few of his famous dunks. The clip starts off with a 360 windmill, and then George ups his game. I won’t even reveal it here. Just watch.


Pretty awesome right? Even Lebron James gave it up to George on twitter. George is a sick athlete, and he’s emerging as a legitimate player on a young, talented Indiana Pacers squad. With him, Danny Granger, and Roy Hibbert, they could be contenders in a few years when the current cream of the crop in the NBA are a step slower in their 30’s.  Keep an eye on this team.

What did you think of George’s dunk? Was it better then the 720 dunk by “The Air Up There”? Let us know in the comments!