I’m  sure some of you are looking at the title, and thinking…where do I know that name from? It’s probably the play of the year last year, as Simpson was the Cincinatti Bengal who completely flipped over his opponent on his way to the endzone. You can check out that amazing play here. But for today, Simpson is here for another leap of his in a preseason game for his new team, the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikes were taking on the Buffalo Bills in a preseason game in their dome, when Simpson caught a pass up the middle. He took on the oncoming safety, and saw that he was dipping low, so Simpson did what he does best, and took for the air. Simpson cleanly leaped over his opponent, and advanced a few more yards before getting tackled. Check it out below.


Not quite a full front flip with a gold medal worthy stick on the landing, but it is still quite an impressive Legarette Blount impersonation.