All of the talk out of Pittsburgh has been about Mike Wallace. The star wide receiver has been holding out for a bigger contract all off-season long, and the Steelers are working on getting their star back into camp, as the regular season is just two weeks away.  However, in the meantime, Wallace’s absence means an opportunity for  other receivers on the squad to step up and fill in his shoes. Cue Antonio Brown.

Brown had a breakout season last year as Big Ben’s number two option behind Wallace. Brown ended the season with 69 catches, 1108 yards, and a pair of touchdowns.  Brown is just 24 years old, and the future seems bright for the young wideout. Last night, he showed just that, as Brown took a simple screen pass, and took it the rest of the way 57 yards for the TD. Take a look at the play, and take note of the incredible blocking by his teammates. And check out the way he dives into the endzone.


Wallace needs to snap out of it and get into camp. The Steelers should be the favorites this year with the big injury to Terrell Suggs over in Baltimore. He will sign, it’s just a matter of when and who will benefit more: him or the Steelers front office. In the meantime, I think Brown is poised to have a huge year. He will find the endzone much more then he did last year.  Keep an eye on this kid.

What did you think of the play? Are the Steelers favorites to win the AFC North again? Let us know in the comments!