Yes…it’s time for our first NFL play of the day.  This is a great day.  Football has officially begun with teams playing preseason games. These games are a good indication of how your team will look in the first quarter or two, but you have to take the preseaosn records with a grain of salt. Often times, there is no correlation between a team’s preseason record and their overall record.

Of course with football back, that means it’s time once again for those jaw dropping plays. The amazing catches, the incredible runs, and those bone crushing hits. Today, we have Harry Douglas, wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. In their preseason game last night against Cincinnati, Douglas pulled off an amazing catch, after the ball was tipped into his path. Douglas lunged forward, and made barely made the catch. You can check out his catch here!

This looks like it should be Atlanta’s turn to win the division again.  The Saints are coming in with a limp, without their coach all year and their star linebacker Jonathan Vilma out for half a season. Be sure to stay tuned, as we will elaborate on this much more in our NFC South preview that will be coming shortly!

What do you think of Douglas’s catch? What are you most excited for with football coming back? Let us know in the comments!