We go back to the baseball diamond for our play of the day today, and it comes from Seattle Mariners’ infielder Dustin Ackley.  In a 1-1 game against the Cleveland Indians, Ackley was in pursuit of a blooper in midfield. He might have lost sight of it in the sun, because at the last second, he made a radical adjustment, and came up with an impressive, acrobatic catch. Check it out here.


Ackley’s reach and flexability is what impressed me most about the play. It’s one of those awkward plays that can easily go wrong for the infielder, and rarely does go right.  The Mariners snagged the win 3-1, upping their record to 61-64. The Mariners are well on their way to topping their record from last year, where they went 67-95.

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