“Spain is too good. This just isn’t fair!” I think I said that about 15 times yesterday while watching Spain absolutely dissect Italy in the finals, thumping them 4-0 on the way to cruising to the Euro 2012 title, their third major title in a row. This is the first time a country has won three major titles in a row, which was pretty surprising to me. But make no mistake, Spain deserved this one.  They were clearly the better team, and they showed that from the start. In the 14th minute, Spain took the lead, and they never looked back. I was happy to see it come from David Silva, who was one of the top players for Machester City this past season.   Check out this first goal, which is simply world class.


Everything about this play is perfect. The pass into the box. The run is fantastic. The cross into Silva, and the header. You can’t draw up a more perfect goal then this. Of course they went on to score another goal in this half, before tacking on a couple goals in the end of the second half to truly show their dominance. Congrats to Spain, who are truly the kings of soccer right now! Can’t wait for the 2014 World Cup!