For the past couple years, all we’ve heard from the world of swimming is that “Ryan Lochte is the best swimmer in the world” and that he was going to be the one to shine in London. I, like many I’m sure, thought that I’d believe it when I see it, and that Phelps was still king of the pool. Well last night, Lochte lived up to the expectations, as he took home the Gold Medal in the 4×100 Individual Medley.  Everyone was even after one stroke, but Lochte took over on the backstroke, extending his lead and never giving it back. Virtually all video of the actual race was taken off of youtube, but we did snag this winner’s interview with BBC.


Let’s not forget arguably the biggest story to come out of the race, and that was Phelps missing the podium all together. It’s not like this is his weakest race: he’s won gold in this two straight Olympics, and still holds the world record. He was the favorite to take silver in this race, but he walked away empty handed for the first time in his last 13 Olympic races. Will this be a trend? Or is it just a blip in the radar? We will know more in the upcoming week.

What did you think of Lochte’s performance? Will this Olympics be all about him? And does Phelps have what it takes to win one more gold? Let us know in the comments!