Roger Federer had a clear statement at this year’s Wimbeldon: I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.  Three years ago, Federer was widely considered the greatest player of all time. However, after falling to Rafael Nadal in final after final, and after Novak Djokovic steps his game up and becomes the world #1, many people forgot about Federer. He almost became an after thought. But anyone who knows tennis knew that if there was another major title for Federer, it was going to be on the lawns of the All England Club.  Federer defeat Djokovic in the semi finals, then handled Andy Murray in four sets in the finals. Here’s the final point. Check it out.


I feel bad for Andy Murray. He’s a great player, but he was born at the wrong time. I think were he a few years younger or older, he would have a couple grand slams. But when you come into tennis with Roger Federer at the top of his game, and Nadal and Djokovic becoming super stars, there’s not much you can do. The draw will have to fall perfectly for Murray to win a title, and honestly, this year was probably his best shot. He only had to play one of the big three, and at this point in their careers, Federer was arguably the weakest of the three. But not this week. This week, Federer was once again the best in the world. This gives him a ridiculous 17th grand slam title, and I don’t think he’s done just yet. Federer turns 31 this year, and lets not forget: Pete Sampras won his final grand slam title at that age. As he proved this week, you can’t count Fed out just yet. Congrats to the GOAT: The greatest of all time.


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