The “2012 Dream Team” faced their toughest test as of yet today, facing off against the Mighty Gasol brothers and the squad from Spain. The Americans won fairly easily 100-78, and it was in large part to the efforts of Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. Anthony dropped 23 of his 27 points in the first half, while LeBron threw in 25 points of his own.  But the top play came from two other NBA All Stars: Kevin Durant and Chris Paul. Paul is having his own personal battle with Deron Williams over the title of best point guard in the game, and he’s proving it this summer with plays like this. Check out his delicious dime to the cutting Durantala.


There’s no real reason why this team should lose. The only possible way would be if they were dominated under the basket. Their guards and forwards are unparalleled, but the big men aren’t world class. Not here are Dwight Howard, or Andrew Bynum. So if Spain can revamp their outside game, they have a shot in a potential rematch in the London Games.