Talk about a pretty cool premiere. The Los Angeles Dodgers are having a solid season so far, sitting on a 53-46 record at the moment. The Dodgers shot out to the best start in baseball, but they have fallen off recently. They are only 2.5 games behind the Giants, but they knew they needed to make a move. So here comes Hanley Ramirez, the 6’2 230 pound infielder, who recently premiered for the Dodgers. And what a premiere it was. On his first at bat, Ramirez almost ripped a home run. It came just short, but he still registered a triple. Check it out.


The crazy thing is: not only was this his first at bat, but it was the first PITCH he saw as a Dodger. Only time will tell if Ramirez will be the player to take the Dodgers back to the World Series, but this certainly looks like a good start for the new player in blue.

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