Ever wonder what it looks  like when someone wins $18 million? Well, you maybe never thought about that exact amount, but let’s just say a “large sum of money”. Well you are about to find out.  Yesterday, Antonio Esfandiari took down the biggest cash prize in sports history. Let me say that again. SPORTS HISTORY. Bigger then any other sporting event, race, or anything you can think of.  Esfandiari outlasted 47 other players who brought into the tournament for a cool $1 million, taking home his 4th gold bracelet, the One Drop Title, and it has to be said one more time: 18 MILLION DOLLARS!! Here’s Esfandiari’s live reaction to the win. It’s great.


I’ve worked in the poker tournament industry for the last two summers, and I can honestly say that Esfandiari is one of the nicest and most down to earth pros you will meet. He’s always smiling at the table and having a good time with everyone. The easy going loving person that you see on TV is not just an act for the cameras: it’s how it truly is. Many have deemed this summer at the WSOP as the summer of “the good guys”, and this reigns no truer then it does with Esfandiari. Congrats on your big win sir! Now just try not to make that money disappear! (His nickname is the Magician in case you don’t get the joke).

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