To quote Lebron James after he won his first title: Well it’s about damn time.  That was my thought when I saw that the Saints had finally given Drew Brees what he wanted. In an off season where everything has gone wrong, the Saints front office was trying to screw up the only good thing they had left, and that was Brees. Thankfully, they caved in, and gave him his money. Brees signed a 5 year $100 deal, with $60 million guarenteed, including $40 million in year one! That’s insane. But you can’t say it isn’t well deserved.

So now where do the Saints go? They have their man, and he will be ready to lead. I love Sean Payton. He’s a fantastic coach.  But if there is one team that could survive without their head coach, it might be the Saints. I say might because I still don’t know what to expect. It’s not like this situation has really happened before. But it’s well known that Brees was a player coach type player on the field, and he will do his best to keep the Saints on the even keel. Which now begs the question: What can we expect from the Saints this year.

As great as this team is, I don’t think they make the playoffs this year. There are alot of good teams in the NFC, including the Atlanta Falcons, who should win this division now. When you combine that with the rise of Cam Newton in Carolina, then it seems clear that the Saints have a long uphill battle ahead of them. Can they make the playoffs? Of course. But without your head coach, and top defensive player in Jonathan Vilma, is it likely? No.  I hope I’m wrong. Nothing would make me happier then to see the Saints stick it to the NFL by crushing this year. But I also have to be realistic about it.

But first things first: the Saints finally made their savior happy. Now that that’s out of the way, they can move forward, and start to tackle the obstacle that will be this season. I’m looking forward to it, with cautious optimism.

What do you think of the signing? Was it too much for the Saints? Let us know in the comments!