Far too often in sports, everyone chooses to look at the negative side. Rather then being happy for an upstart team that pulls off an incredible upset, people are much more inclined to talk about how the favorites choked under the pressure.  Oh with officiating. When was the last time you heard a fan leave the stadium, and go “you know what. That was a really well officiated game. They didn’t miss any calls!” I think you can probably count on one hand how many days ago you were someone complaining about some call in some sport, because people love to do that. They love to focus on the negative. This was ever so clear yesterday.

You have Adam Scott. One of the top names on the list of “best players to never win a major”. He looked like he had the title in the bag, but as it happens oh so often, he got ahead of himself, hit a few bad shots, and gave the title away. Don’t worry about Scott. He’ll be just fine. He’s a good player, and we will see him again on the big stage very soon. Let’s not forget Rory McIlroy, who choked away a huge lead at the Masters last year, only to come back a few months later and crush the US Open.

Ok where am I going with this? My point is, what got lost in the hate sprung on Adam Scott yesterday was the appreciation that should have been thrown towards Ernie Els. Els immediately became a house hold name to my generation of golf fans, after he won the 1997 US Open, or as many would look at it as, “the first major after Tiger Woods dominated the Master.” He’s been sticking around since, and after going winless at majors for 10 years, he broke through yesterday with an improbably run, on his way to another Claret Jug.  His poise as per usual was unparalleled, and he played a near perfect final round. I wish he got more love yesterday, because he deserved it.

So congrats again to Els, for holding one down for the “old guard” of golf. Something tells me that this isn’t the last major we will see this legend of the game win.

What do you think of the win? And will Adam Scott be able to bounce back from this? Let us know in the comments!